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National Freedom offers mastering services with a bunch of options for deliverables.

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Mastering engineer Christopher Colbert (who's also the house engineer) brings his 30 years of biz experience and seasoned ears to making your masters sound amazing across the frickin' myriad platforms we got these days. Digital or tape or both, we can do it.

He's also quite the egalitarian.

Mastering is $100/per song
(no matter who you are).

Power to the people.


  • Nathaniel Rateliff
  • Richard Swift
  • Pure Bathing Culture
  • David Bazan
  • Nicole Atkins
  • The Walkmen
  • Hamilton Leithauser
  • Walter Martin
  • Unwed Sailor
  • The Lassie Foundation
  • Night Dreamer
  • Pedro the Lion
  • Benny Yurco
  • Gardens & Villa
  • Fug Yep Soundation

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